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Vinyl finds week of 4/12/15

Hi ya folks back again with a quick post showing off my recent vinyl pick ups for the week of 4/12/15. Most of them are either hillbilly country or bluegrass. Tons of cool stuff. They've all been in heavy rotation currently at Glass Orchid HQ.

I picked up this Rolling Stones bootleg for $4 at the Steel City Con (more on that in future post). Contained within is the Rolling Stones "Europe 70" (Roll and Rope records) 10/7/70  Grugahalle, Essen, West-Germany, Live Concert. The audio is an audience tape but still sounds very good 2 LPs. I asked the seller what show was on the record, he said "I haven't listened to them in years." Which was odd considering the May 2014 Goodwill sticker in the lower left corner. (A great show, not a duff track)

Hank Williams "Memorial Album" (MGM 1953). This one was rescued from the bargain basement of my usual haunt. $1  Classic Hank best of compilation. Essential, the majority of the big hits are here, no elaboration needed.

Various Artists "Blue Ridge Barn Dance" (Country 746) $4 I'm a sucker for record labels numbering systems. The Country label is no exception. Like the title boasts it's filled with traditional Old Time Music. Feel good music.      

J.D. Jarvis and Rusty York Bluegrass Gospel Songs (1968 Rural Rhythm RRJD 195) $4. This is one of those amazing albums that just appear out of nowhere. So to be fair this is really a split album. Each artist gets a side. Rusty York cherry picks most of my favorites, Drifting Too Far From the Shore, Great Speckled Bird, House of Gold, Where The Soul of Man Never Dies, Shake Hands with Mother Again, and Old Rugged Cross. Rusty York ran the Jewel Label (see also the Light Company) and is probably better known for his Rockabilly contributions on Chess and King records.

Cliff Waldron & The New Shades of Grass, One More Step with (1972 Rebel SLP 1510) $4 Ah yes the good 'ol Rebel label, yet another label to get obsessed with. If you are looking to listen to some of the truest Blue Grass recorded start with Rebel. This is a stellar effort. The liners suggest it's the 7th Rebel LP released by Cliff. The cover tunes on this one just smoke. Working Man's Blues holds a steady 125mph throughout the whole song. Plenty of Stanley/Louvin harmonies and insane mandolin and banjo pyrotechnics on Ring's of Gold. Probably not the music I should be listening to at 10:30 at night.


J.E. Mainer The Fiddle Music of J.E. Mainer and the Mountaineers Vol 20. (Rural Rhythm RRJEM 250) $4. Yet another killer Rural Rhythm find. This is such a feel good album, mostly due to the percussion being spoons, washboard, and whoops on a few tracks. It seems to threaten to go off the rails on every track but somehow it all stays together. The musicians sound like they are having the time of their life yelling and whooping back and forth. Truly captures the essence of a time gone by.     

Lefty Frizzell The One and Only (Columbia CL 1342 1959). $1 basement. So this is one of those sorta "new recordings of his greatest hits" compilations. It contains a handful of Lefty's biggest tunes updated for the late 50's sound. I like the fresh arrangements. Really the only classic tunes missing here are Long Black Veil and Saginaw Michigan, which Lefty would release after this album came out. The stand outs are If You've Got the Money, Always Late, and I Want to Be with You Always.

Various Artists 4 Kings of Country Music (1966 Nashville NLP 2032) $1 basement pick up. A Buck Owens, George Jones, Jimmy Dean, and Roger Miller compilation of older songs previously released on the Starday label. I guess what is cool about this one is the tracks spotlighted here all came out prior to the artists becoming big stars. Jimmy Dean's remake of Freight Train Blues is the biggest stand out. It's a bit jarring since the Possum gets two songs on each side. Only 10 tracks so it's a quick one.    

Leon McAuliffe Swingin' Western Strings of (1965 Starday SLP 309) $1 basement. Leon was one of the Texas Playboys. He doesn't sing so these are all steel guitar instrumentals. There is a small amount of weird instrumentation on here...more clarinet then you would expect. Faded Love is the big track, but there is a nice arrangement of Walkin the Floors Over You, Columbus Stockade Blues, and Jambalaya. The other tracks are so so. It's a Starday so I couldn't pass it up for $1. Check out the cool Ernest Tubb record shop sticker.

The Kitty Wells Family Gospel Sing (1965 Decca DL 4679) This was another $1 basement find. There's not really anything too earth shattering on here. There are plenty of full arrangements of hand clapping gospel. Lots of great harmonies. I'll admit I really like records like this. Truth be told Kitty Wells probably cranked out in two days. (Stand out tracks: Where the Soul of Man Never Dies, Shake Mother's Hand for Me, Precious Memories.)  

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